The Jericho Pact

By: Rachel Lee


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The Jericho Pact

By: Rachel Lee

Format - Paperback

Condition - Good

Listed - 7 months ago

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ISBN: 9780778324164

After the assassination of the German chancellor, the security ofOffice 119 is torn by the multitude of threats facing Europe andits people. Now time is running out. Agent Renate Bachle mustdo everything and anything to stop a conspirator willing topush nations to war and scapegoat an entire race in a bid fordeadly power. In the shadows, a renegade priest and his bodyguard attempt toprotect a sacred codex as ancient as it is coveted. But not eventhose willing to manipulate the Vatican to save the world cangrasp the true nature of the power that has fallen into the wronghands. All they can do is try to harness it long enough to stemthe tide of blood and evil before it washes across Europe...andthe globe.

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