Dating the Undead

By: Juliet Lyons


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Dating the Undead

By: Juliet Lyons

Format - Paperback

Condition - New

Listed - 5 months ago

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ISBN: 9781492645306

There's more than one way to keep a vampire up all night. I swore I was over clingy men--I have enough to deal with taking care of my own damn self--so I decided to give up dating until the gene pool markedly improved. But then I happened to share a toe-curling kiss with a sexy Irish vampire (What? It was an accident! My lips fell on his!), and it became obvious the problem wasn't men--the problem was human men. Unfortunately, right after my revelation about gorgeous vampires and their excellent tongue game, my "future boyfriend" disappeared. Way to make me feel unwelcome! What's a girl to do? Join V-Date, the popular vampire dating site, obviously. How else was I supposed to find my Irish delight other than to let the vampire community know I was on the hunt for him? Yeah, yeah, okay, maybe not the best idea considering there was some sort of human recruiting going on, but hey, at least he can come to my rescue now...I hope. Praise for Juliet Lyons's paranormal romance Dating the Undead: "Quick, sharp wit that sinks its fangs into the reader and doesn't let go!"--MOLLY HARPER, acclaimed author of Sweet Tea and Sympathy and the Half-Moon Hollow series

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