The Da Vinci Legacy

By: Lewis Perdue


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The Da Vinci Legacy

By: Lewis Perdue

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Est. Publication Date - Jan 2004

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ISBN: 0765349671

The Lost Mysteries of Leonardo The Da Vinci Codex is a priceless collection of Leonardo's original work-- or is it? When Da Vinci scholar Vance Erikson discovers that several of the Codex's pages are forgeries, the search is on for the genuine documents, which may hold startling secrets and revelations. But Erikson is not the only one seeking the missing pages. He soon finds himself the target of a murderous conspiracy that dates back to the dawn of Christianity itself. For the Da Vinci Codex is more than just a precious document. It is also the key to a long-lost discovery of frightening importance. Now, not only Erikson's life but the future itself is at stake. Ultimate power is the prize for whomever seizes ... The Da Vinci Legacy First published in 1983,The Da Vinci Legacy is an engrossing international thriller.

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