By: Tony Judt


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By: Tony Judt

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Publication Date - Mar 2009

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ISBN: 0143115057

"Exhilarating . . . brave and forthright." --The New York Times Book Review "Perhaps the greatest single collection of thinking on the political, diplomatic, social, and cultural history of the past century." --Forbes We have entered an age of forgetting. Our world, we insist, is unprecedented, wholly new. The past has nothing to teach us. Drawing provocative connections between a dazzling range of subjects, from Jewish intellectuals and the challenge of evil in the recent European past to the interpretation of the Cold War and the displacement of history by heritage, the late historian Tony Judt takes us beyond what we think we know of the past to explain how we came to know it, showing how much of our history has been sacrificed in the triumph of myth--making over understanding and denial over memory. Reappraisals offers a much-needed road map back to the historical sense we urgently need. Judt's book, Ill Fares the Land, republished in 2021 featuring a new preface by bestselling author of Between the World and Me and The Water Dancer, Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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