Pope Fiction

By: Patrick Madrid


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Pope Fiction

By: Patrick Madrid

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ISBN: 9780964261006

The Papacy is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Catholic Church, something that can be the last stumbling block on the journey of a convert. Here, best-selling author Patrick Madrid highlights 30 different misconceptions about the Papacy and provides insightful, honest, and detailed feedback for how to explain the truth behind these myths. He'll bring clarity to issues such as: * Where Peter's authority comes from and how it has been passed down through the generations * Papal infallibility *  The Church's false lable as "the Whore of Babylon" * How the reality of bad popes proves the divinity of the Church  * And many more! With this book, you will gain a new understanding of the Papacy and foster a better appreciation for the role of our Holy Father, so that you can educate non-believers and those who misunderstand the truth. 

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