Wizarding for Beginners

By: Elys Dolan


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Wizarding for Beginners

By: Elys Dolan

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Format - Paperback

Condition - Excellent

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Publication Date - May 2020

Publisher Description

ISBN: 9781645171324

This illustrated chapter book follow-up to Knighthood for Beginners--starring the now-knighted dragon Dave and his best friend, the German-speaking goat and trusty steed Albrecht--is another high-action, laugh-out-loud page-turner!   Best friends Dave (now a knighted dragon) and Albrecht (Dave's German-speaking trusty steed, life coach, and goat) from Knighthood for Beginners are back--and they're going undercover! They must disguise themselves as wizards to enter the notoriously secretive Wizarding Guild in order to free their kidnapped talking-animal friends and stop Terrence, the most evil wizard of them all. Luckily, they have the perfect book to help them on their quest: the amazing and brilliant Wizarding for Beginners! Copious black-and-white illustrations by the author help bring all the hilarity to life in this eagerly anticipated follow-up to Knighthood for Beginners.  

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