How to Live with a Neurotic Cat

By: Stephen Baker


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How to Live with a Neurotic Cat

By: Stephen Baker

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Publication Date - Jun 2014

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ISBN: 9780785831785

Does your cat express his love for you by lying on the book you're trying to read? Does your cat fight with your houseplants, play "clear the shelf", and refuse to come when called? Does your cat insist on plenty of space-- like the entire living room? Chances are that your beloved pet, like millions of other cats, is neurotic! Cats live in a constant state of one-ness, meaning they are only looking out for number one. The hilarious insight from author Stephen Baker is a tongue-in-cheek, self-help parody that provides an inside look on neurotic cats for those who either already own cats and deal with this problem every day, or those who do not own cats and enjoy laughing at those who do. If you have suffered from life with a neurotic cat, you will empathize with the author as he explains how to find peace with cats. The feline persuasion is a funny thing, and it is easy to fall prey to their deviant ways. Learn how to watch out for yourself and the rest of your household in How to Live with a Neurotic Cat. In this hilarious cat's eye view of the world, Stephen Baker tells you everything you need to live happily ever after with your feline friend (or foe). Also, don't miss How to Live with a Neurotic Dog if you happen to be rooming with an unstable canine pal as well.

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