Send Her Back and Other Stories

By: Kaseke Munashe


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Send Her Back and Other Stories

By: Kaseke Munashe

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ISBN: 9780578323589

In Send Her Back and other stories, Munashe Kaseke offers an awfully intimate, fresh telling of the immigrant experience of black women in the United States. Equally awash with the joys of exploring a new world as well as a myriad of challenges, her complicated, and often tangled, female Zimbabwean protagonists navigate issues of identity, microaggressions, and sexism in vibrant, indelible settings. Yet again, these are not only stories of navigating an at times tense US political climate, they are also marked by characters who rise to the top of their professional fields, seize the American dream, and travel the world in glee. Kaseke peels back on the inner wranglings of characters caught between two worlds, be it by stories of dating outside one's culture and race or failing to assimilate upon returning home after spending time abroad. Uncanny. Witty. Gripping. Send Her Back and other stories dazzles, leaving you newly awakened to the world we live in.

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