By: Jeannine Kadow


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By: Jeannine Kadow

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Est. Publication Date - Mar 1999

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ISBN: 9780525944645

Since childhood, Lacie Wagner has been haunted by horrific dreams. Her hands disfigured in the fiery car crash that killed her father, Lacie has overcome her fear and shame to become the most popular newscaster in the D.C. metropolitan area. But still her nightmares persist. Then, Lacie's world crumbles as her daughter is abducted and the unthinkable occurs. Now, a vicious killer is after Lacie, and his whispering voice, Touch the fire, Lacie is reaching for her during her waking hours. It is a taunting voice which can reach her anywhere, promising more disasters until he's ready to make Lacie his final victim.The police offer no help, so Lacie enlists FBI agent Jack Stein to stop this madman. With time running out, it is Lacie herself who must unlock the secrets of her own hidden past in order to stop a killer as elusive as a wisp of smoke but as powerful and engulfing as a firesto

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