The Adventures of Reddy Fox

By: Thornton W. Burgess


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The Adventures of Reddy Fox

By: Thornton W. Burgess

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ISBN: 9781942875635

Reddy Fox has been stealing chickens from Farmer Brown's Boy, and now must outsmart him to keep it up. Readers meet other memorable characters, including Peter Rabbit and Johnny Chuck. Along the way, Reddy learns important lessons like the danger of showing off, the importance of using all of one's senses, sympathy, kindness, and much more. A dedicated naturalist, author Thornton W. Burgess imbues his stories with the good humor, imagination, and fun animal antics that all children will love reading during story time. Along with vibrant cover art, these essential childhood classic stories also feature the original black-and-white interior illustrations by Harrison Cady, lending this edition a vintage feel.

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