The Great Controversy

By: Ellen G White

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The Protestant Reformers loved their church, but they loved God's Word even more. "The Bible and the Bible only as the rule of law and practice" was their motto. Martin Luther, John Calvin, William Tyndale, and others pointed people to the Bible, not the church, as the supreme source of truth. Their convictions broght them into heated controversy with the religioius establishment of their day. But their passion for the truths of Scripture led them to stand firm for their convictions despite intense persecution and even death. Five hundred years later, have we forgotten the principles for which these courageous Christians struggled and sacrificed? In too many churchs, members rest their faith on a preacher or a creed rather than on the Holy Scriptures. Most people today are no more eager to follow an unpopular truth than were the church leaders of the sixteenth century...The experience of the Reformers contains vital lessons for our time. If you've forgotten that history - or perhaps you've never heard it - you need to read this book..." from the back cover.

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