The Road to Enchantment

By: Kaya McLaren

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The Road to Enchantment

By: Kaya McLaren

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Publication Date - Dec 2017

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ISBN: 9781250145086

"Carries us into that place beyond the dark hour where the power of story reigns, truth will not be denied, and all the magic of this life will be remembered." --River Jordan The first time Willow saw a warning in the clouds was the day her life changed forever. That day, her mother set fire to her cheating husband's belongings and left their lives in Washington State behind for a dusty plot of land in New Mexico bordering an Apache reservation. Willow's eccentric mother went about the business of starting a winery and goat ranch while Willow remained a bitter outsider, hiding her cloud-reading from all. But years later, after her mother dies, a suddenly single--and pregnant--Willow decides to leave her life in Los Angeles behind and return to the DeVine Winery and Goat Ranch, the only home she's got left. She's surprised to find that her Apache best friend Darrel, along with the rest of the community, believes she belongs there--and the clouds seem to tell her that life has turned out as it was meant to be. Could it be that the last thing Willow ever seem to have wanted is exactly what she needs? "Captivating."--Patti Callahan Henry

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