Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf

By: Eric Johnson


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Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf

By: Eric Johnson

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Format - Paperback

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Est. Publication Date - Jan 2005

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ISBN: 9781412060929

This is a book about sales effectiveness that has been tested in the crucible of real life experience. Lone Wolf to Lead Wolf speaks to sales representatives in all industries whether they are field sales, inside sales, or counter sales representatives. It even speaks about lessons that managers need to know in this new century. Each chapter is a story, and some of them have case studies and other activities to help the reader translate the story to their own situation. The world of sales continues to change and the strategies that created success in the past are failing to maximize success in today's environment. This book tells a simple, but powerful, story of managing change. There are those who are genetically programmed to play the game to win, rather than simply playing not to lose. Every reader needs to think critically so they can play their own game. Those that are firmly on the path of playing to win will recognize many of the lessons that are examined in this book. Creating meaningful change always starts with taking responsibility for your own situation. This book was written for who are driven to success, who may be frustrated, but who are open and willing to learn. You have taken personal responsibility for your own career development and you look at sales as a profession rather than just a job. Some of the stories deal with sophisticated approaches to supply chain management, including consignment and national account programs. These issues may be above the typical pay grade of most sales reps. They are included because success in sales is more than personal effort, skill and talent. It is fundamentally about building and managing customer relationship equity and utilizing all the resources available to create success. The Lead Wolf strategies described in this book will often require that the sales rep challenge their own management to be innovative, provide necessary resources and help develop creative solutions that drive profitability for the customer. Learning and personal growth are the only alternatives to the slow death of intellect. This book was written to help those on the path of growth to rise to the next level. ----------------------------------------

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