Ten Laws for Success

By: Pat Robertson


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Ten Laws for Success

By: Pat Robertson

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Publication Date - Jan 2020

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ISBN: 9781629998701

From Renowned Religious Leader and Host of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson. Know not just how the world works, but how it's supposed to work. This book will teach you ten overriding laws given by Jesus that will help you achieve your goals and bring about economic success for your family. Pat Robertson brings you a real-world guidebook that can revolutionize your life. Ten Laws for Success uncovers ten overriding laws given by Jesus Christ that are as powerful and constant as the law of gravity. These ten laws can help you: * Lead a successful, prosperous, and meaningful life * Bring to your family blessing and economic success * Build unity to achieve your goals * Discover winning principles of leadership and personal growth * Grow in perseverance and reap its rewards * Find healing, financial blessing, and marital bliss "I have learned that when Jesus Christ makes a clear statement that is not limited to time, place, or recipient, that statement becomes a fundamental law that is as powerful as a law of nature itself." --Pat Robertson

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