Crystal and Gem

By: R. F. Symes; R. Harding


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Crystal and Gem

By: R. F. Symes; R. Harding

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Publication Date - Jun 2000

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ISBN: 9780789457646

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the amazing world of crystals and gems. Superb color photographs of crystals, jewels and gemstones of every color, size and shape offer a unique "eyewitness" insight into their extraordinary beauty and variety. See a crystal growing, diamonds used to cut through a brick wall, a phantom crystal, gemstones formed in a volcano, and crystals of gold and silver. Learn how a quartz watch works, how to identify crystals, why crystals have been grown in space, how crystals are used healing, and why Napoleon had a diamond in his sword. Discover where to find crystals in your home, how synthetic crystals are made, which famous rubies are really spinels, which is your birthstone, and much, much more.

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