Support Your Local Sheriff

By: Melinda Curtis

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Support Your Local Sheriff

By: Melinda Curtis

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Publication Date - Oct 2017

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ISBN: 9780373368556

Will he pass the daddy test?  With his job in jeopardy, it couldn't be a worse time for Sheriff Nate Landry's recent past to come back to haunt him. But it would take an army to stop SWAT team leader Julie Smith. The fellow cop-and sister of his ex-fianc#65533;e--wants one thing from the beleaguered lawman: custody of the toddler son that Nate didn't know he had.  He may not be natural daddy material, but he quickly takes a shine to little Duke. And then there are the feelings Nate's been hiding for years. Only now Julie's running for sheriff of Harmony Valley--against him. Time to retreat? Not if he wants a future with the woman he loves.

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