The Time Machine and the Invisible Man (Knickerbocker Classics)

By: H. G. Wells; Allen Grove (Introduction by)


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The Time Machine and the Invisible Man

By: H. G. Wells; Alfred Mac Adam (Introduction by, Intro and Notes by); Paul Youngquist; George Stade (Consultant Editor)

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ISBN: 9781631064203

From the “father of science fiction,” H. G. Wells, comes two masterpieces of speculative science fiction storytelling: The Time Machine and The Invisible Man. The former propels the time traveling protagonist to the distant year of 802,701 AD. To his horror, he find only a decaying Earth that is being gradually swallowed by the Sun, and where two strange species--the delicate Eloi and the fierce, subterranean Morlocks--inhabit an eerie dystopia. The latter offers the mesmerizing account of a bitter young scientist who discovers the chemical secret of invisibility. After using on himself, he embarks on a terrifying descent into crime, obsession, and insanity. Both of these science fiction classics are as chilling as they are thought-provoking. Easily required reading for any science fiction or thriller fan, don't wait to enjoy classic stories, especially when they are combined into an elegantly designed, clothbound edition that features an elastic closure and a new introduction.

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