Pearl Harbor

By: Henry C. Clausen; Bruce Lee


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Pearl Harbor

By: Henry C. Clausen; Bruce Lee

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Est. Publication Date - Oct 1993

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ISBN: 9780517586440

Becoming a Teacher,Eighth Editionprovides future teachers with a motivational and realistic look at what it means to be a teacher today.  Through its inviting prose, glimpses into real classrooms, and hallmarkDear Mentorfeature,Becoming a Teacherplaces readers in the shoes of real teachers, helping them determine:is teaching for me ?    Presents the Realities of Teaching Today. Take a look inside real classrooms through the following features: * Dear Mentor—All new— Offers experienced teachers’ advice about new teachers’ commonly asked questions and concerns. * New! Teaching on Your Feet— Shows how teachers make important, spontaneous decisions that can turn negative situations into positive outcomes. * Teachers’ Voices: Research to Reality—Nine new articles— Illustrates how chapter content applies to real classroom situations.  * Teachers’ Voices:Walk in My Shoes—Nine new reflections— Shares real teachers’ insights, challenges, and accomplishments in the classroom.      Presents the Latest Trends in Technology and Teaching.  Take a look at new advances in teaching technology through the following features: * New! Chapter 12,Integrating Technology into Teaching— Explores how technology is transforming teaching and learning today.   * New! Technology in Action— Shows how teachers can use technology to enhance student learning, and gives readers opportunities to try it out themselves.    Offers Innovative Learning Technology.  Take control of your learning throughMyEducationLab,a research-based learning tool that brings teaching in today’s classrooms to life.  Through authentic in-classroom video, student artifacts, research articles and more, MyEducationLab prepares you for your teaching career.  MyEducationLabfor this text includes: * Chapter Study Plans— Offers quizzes to test mastery of chapter objectives. * Review, Practice, and Enrichment— Provides exercises to deepen understanding of chapter content. * Activities and Application— Fosters application of chapter concepts. * Virtual Field Experience— Provides additional video activities for students who are unable to visit real schools.

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