Where the Heart Is -see description

By: Nora Roberts


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Where the Heart Is

By: Nora Roberts

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Publication Date - Mar 2009

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ISBN: 9780373285778

From This Day B.J. Clark despised him. As the manager of the Lakeside Inn, she could only feel contempt for Taylor Reynolds, the man who had bought the hotel. His reputation for transforming lovely hotels into modern resorts preceded him. But when Taylor arrives, B.J.'s loyalties become divided between the hotel and staff and the hot, torrid kisses that she and Taylor share. Her Mother's Keeper Gwen may have left Louisiana a starry-eyed innocent, but now she's returned successful and accomplished. And with enough sense to deal with her mother's maddening boarder, Luke Powers. But once Gwen meets Luke--a man reputed to be an expert in both words and women--her composure disappears. Now she has stars in her eyes but isn't so innocent...

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