My Happy Book: a Beginner Draw + Write Creative and Gratitude Journal (ages 4-8)

By: The Colorful Muse


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Publication Date - Jun 2021

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ISBN: 9798520335764

My Happy Book is one part gratitude, one part growth mindset, and one part creativity. * By combining these 3 key ingredients, it creates a recipe to help your little one find their own happiness * My Happy Book is unique, using minimal illustrations and simple writing prompts to set the stage to spark your little one's creativity and to let them shine! (Kids can even color the cover and make it their very own!) * It's an introduction to appreciating the small things, while developing big ideas * By spending just a few minutes each day, it can reward your child with a lifelong habit of gratitude, positive thinking, and confidence * Start the day off with a positive outlook or end the day with positive reflection WHAT'S INSIDE? * Each page sparks creativity or asks about gratitude expressed through your child's writing or drawing * Positive affirmations and/or quotes sprinkled throughout * A simple daily question to increase your child's gratitude and to build empathy, "What are you grateful for today?" My Happy Book is a great way to connect with children as they are expressing themselves and proudly showcasing what they come up with. It is perfect for young children as an introductory journal that is easy, effortless, and fun.

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