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By: Ruth Tiller; Debrah Santini (Illustrator)

Format - Hardcover

Condition - Excellent

Listed - A day ago

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Est. Publication Date - Nov 2003

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ISBN: 9781561451180

"If I looked down and found a wishing penny winking from a weedy sidewalk crack, I'd wish for you. . ." An ordinary day in the park becomes a magical journey in this touching poem by Ruth Tiller. Lucky objects are scattered throughout the pages of the poem, waiting to be wished upon. And as the wishes come true, this tale of love and friendship leads you on a wondrous adventure. Debrah Santini's evocative watercolors capture the images of reality and translate them into the enchanting language of the imagination. And as you read on to discover what the next wish will bring, you'll turn the pages in more ways than one....

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