My Beautiful Mary

By: Alex Gabbard

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My Beautiful Mary

By: Alex Gabbard

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ISBN: 9798713685065

A southern beauty with a charming manner, Mary Alice knew what she wanted, that certain boy. She proposed and they married. This story begins before that boy and ends after she won dancing events with him, especially to a rock 'n' beat. She won car races and traveled, bringing two sons into their world along the way, then became a fashion model, a Black Belt in karate, too, while also graduating college a 4.0 student. Mary Alice set goals and achieved them, always with a captivating smile, even fetching, in her personable and engaging manner, friendly with everyone. This North Carolina lovely lived with delicate health and its limitations through almost fifty-five years of marriage. This story is true. My beautiful Mary lies forevermore beside her parents.

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