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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: A Novel

ISBN: 9781492691631

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"Cussy Mary Carter is the last of her kind, her skin the color of a blue damselfly in these dusty hills. But that doesn't mean she's got nothing to offer. As a member of the Pack Horse Library Project...

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PangoBooks readers are captivated by the novel's vivid depiction of Depression-era Kentucky, highlighting the intersecting themes of poverty, discrimination, and resilience. Many appreciate the historical context provided by elements like the Pack Horse Library Project and the Blue Fugates, which add depth and educational value. The main character, Cussy Mary Carter, resonates deeply with readers, admired for her strength, perseverance, and empathy despite facing significant hardships. While some found the pacing slow, the compelling story and richly researched background kept their interest piqued. The book is noted for its emotional impact and its relevance to contemporary issues of diversity and inequality.


The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek



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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

By: Kim Michele Richardson

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