Zion Unmatched

By: Zion Clark; James S. Hirsch


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Zion Unmatched

By: Zion Clark; James S. Hirsch

Format - Hardcover

Condition - Good

Listed - 8 months ago

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Est. Publication Date - Aug 2021

Publisher Description

ISBN: 9781536224184

An extraordinary, deeply inspirational photo essay follows elite wheelchair racer and wrestler and Netflix documentary star Zion Clark. This stunning photographic essay showcases Zion Clark's ferocious athleticism and undaunted spirit. Cowritten by New York Times best-selling journalist James S. Hirsch, this book features striking, visually arresting images and an approachable and engaging text, including pieces of advice that have motivated Zion toward excellence and passages from Zion himself. Explore Zion's journey from a childhood lost in the foster care system to his hard-fought rise as a high school wrestler to his current rigorous training to prepare as an elite athlete on the world stage. Included are a biography and a note from Zion. This first in a trilogy of books to be written by world-class athlete Zion Clark.

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