Calm Working Spaces

By: Lorrie Mack


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Calm Working Spaces

By: Lorrie Mack

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ISBN: 9780688174620

Whether you are part of the home-working revolution and work at home full-time or simply need a well-structured place to do paperwork, "Calm Working Spaces" will help you to create a haven of peace and productivity. First, you must find the right location. Whether you need to commandeer part of a room or can afford to convert an attic or garage into a purpose-designed office, "Calm Working Spaces" gives you all the options. And if you can't spare a room, this book will show you how you can convert awkward corners on landings and under stairs into dream offices. The style section is full of innovative and exciting ideas to brighten up and personalize your work area. From color theory and aromatherapy to soundproofing and soft furnishings, use style to make your work space pleasing as well as efficient. Feng shui will help you create a sense of purposeful calm. Function features, too, with advice on buying a well-designed office chair, a flexible lighting system and efficient storage. For anyone who has ever dreamt of spending all or part of the working week at home, "Calm Working Spaces" tells you how to create a work place that

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