The Senior Moments Activity Book

By: Geoff Tibballs


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The Senior Moments Activity Book

By: Geoff Tibballs

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Format - Paperback

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Publication Date - Aug 2018

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ISBN: 9781782436867

Do you call your partner darling because you forgot their real name years ago? Restore your brain to its tack-like sharpness with the exercises in this wickedly funny book. If you refer to your dearest friend as 'Thingy' or have to keep changing your pet's name because you can never remember your online banking password, you need The Senior Moments Activity Book. Packed with questions, tests and exercises against which to put your wits, the book is divided into sections on a diverse range of subjects - from maths to history, science and nature to the arts, food and drink and geography. Furthermore, each section is tailored to your specific capabilities, whether you think you have more faculties than Harvard or think you might be losing your marbles, or fear you're so far gone that your only future is likely to be an appearance on reality TV. Embrace your senior self and have a good laugh on the way.

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