The Transcendence

By: Mara Recalis


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The Transcendence

By: Mara Recalis

Format - Paperback

Condition - New

Listed - 4 months ago

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ISBN: 9781039133808

By turns moving and reflective, playful and wise, The Transcendence explores the spiritual growth of Holland Millar; an intellectual man whose life, along with the lives of his family and friends, takes the reader on a journey of inspiration and self-discovery. Life, death, and healing co-exist peacefully here, from bursts of tulips in the sudden heat of spring, to flurries of snow in the cold of the city, to the warm comfort of family at the kitchen table. Each story and poem contains a spiritually enlightened teaching, revealing the profound and infinite nature of the self. Budaic and metaphysical, teeming with light and mystical truths, The Transcendence is a revolutionary novella. Its powerful prose and poetry allows us to experience a deeper understanding of ourselves, and our spirituality.

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