The Magician's Tables

By: Alan AA Richardson

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The Magician's Tables

By: Alan AA Richardson

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Publication Date - Nov 2007

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ISBN: 9781841812359

Ancient wisdom updated for the 21st century! Magic is based on correspondences: the connections between different streams of esoteric symbols and thought. Tables of these associations were first drawn up in the Middle Ages, and the last significant revision took place at the end of the 19th century. In this groundbreaking new manual, Alan Richardson revises these charts, including new material based on the publication of ancient Kabbalistic and magical texts. Through The Magician's Tables you will discover the correspondence tables for the astrological signs; for colors, based on the Kabbalah and the Zodiac; and for animals, plants and herbs, and crystals. Presented in an accessible format, this is the essential reference for the modern practitioner of magic. 

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