The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

By: Thornton Burgess


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The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

By: Thornton W. Burgess; Harrison Cady (Illustrator)

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Publication Date - Jan 2018

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ISBN: 9781942875611

Full of mischief (and then remorse), Peter Cottontail has exploits that are delightfully recognizable and will surely tickle yet another generation of young readers. The Adventures of Peter Cottontail recounts the hijinks of one of the most endearing and beloved creatures in children's literature. Peter Cottontail's efforts to outwit Reddy Fox lead to a number of whisker-thin escapes, and his fascination with the hibernation of some of his neighbors, leads to his decision to hibernate . . . with riotous consequences.This reprint of the classic originally published in 1914 presents Burgess' classic style of telling a terrific tale while imparting information about the environment and its creatures.

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