By: Carl Herndl


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By: Carl Herndl

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ISBN: 9780199947508

Read. Write. Oxford. Sustainability: A Reader for Writers focuses on the timely and vital subject of sustainability, examining the latest research on economics, society, resource planning, and the environment. It takes on key issues including climate change; food, water, and soil; energy and resource management; and trash. The articles embody a range of experiences, ideas, and strategies-from scientific research and engaging questions to poetic reflection and powerful arguments. Developed for the freshman composition course, Sustainability: A Reader for Writers includes an interdisciplinary mix of public, academic, and scientific reading selections, providing students with the rhetorical knowledge and compositional skills required to participate effectively in academic and public conversations about the environment. Sustainability: A Reader for Writers is part of a series of brief single-topic readers from Oxford University Press designed for today's college writing courses. Each reader in this series approaches a topic of contemporary conversation from multiple perspectives.

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