By: Wendy Bagley


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By: Wendy Bagley

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Publication Date - Oct 2005

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ISBN: 9781401302160

In the tradition of Stitch +n Bitch, a collection of humorous essays about America+s obsession with scrapbooking-Scrapbooking leads to deeper love, better health, perfect kindness, universal peace, a clearer complexion, and material wealth.+ Or so says Wendy Bagley, the witty author of Scraps: Adventures in Scrapbooking.Scraps is a hysterical collection of essays celebrating this outrageously popular hobby in all its glory. True -Scrapaholics+-a.k.a. Crop Queens, Photo Fiends, and 35-millimeter Mamas-will rejoice to see themselves reflected in the pages of this one-of-a-kind send-up. Overflowing with helpful hints (-Successful scrapbooking is one percent inspiration, eighty-nine percent perspiration, and ten percent snack food+) and aspirational wisdom (see the chapter titled -World Peace Through Scrapbooking+), Scraps is the perfect gift for the scrapbooking Mom who has everything.

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