Big Money Energy

By: Ryan Serhant


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Big Money Energy

By: Ryan Serhant

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Publication Date - Feb 2021

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ISBN: 9780306923104

National bestselling author and star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing and Sell It Like Serhant shows readers how to restructure their approach to money so they can reap success in business and life. We all know someone who exudes "Big Money Energy." Big Money Energy is the vibe you get from someone who is massively succeeding at life in every direction. A person with Big Money Energy is the ultimate picture of self-confidence. There's no bravado, no bragging--they know they have BME and so does everyone else. It's totally obvious. People who possess Big Money Energy get that way because they are 100% committed to making their vision for themselves a reality, and their vision is big. If you have BME, you never stop learning, earning, and growing. When you meet someone with BME, you can't help but want to be around them. They're confident but never cocky. They understand that the path to success is paved with hard work, gratitude, patience and experience. A person with BME knows there is no value in acting like an asshole, only a person with Bullshit Money Energy would do that. A person with genuine BME plays it like they already have the money in their pocket. In this book, national bestselling author and Bravo real estate star Ryan Serhant shows us all how we can start projecting that Big Money Energy in our own lives and turn our financial dreams into financial realities. He shows how he landed his first big client and went from "surviving to thriving"--from under $10k a year to $1m in just three years. Whether it's school, a relationship, a first job, or running your own business-everyone starts from the bottom and eventually climb to the top via hard work, savvy, and experience. With BME, Serhant shows how readers can climb that ladder better and faster, by changing how they look, how they talk, what they believe, and their attitude towards life and money. Among other things, Big Money Energy will give you the tools you need to: nail a first impression, abolish "low-rent habits", expand your network (and cut off the negative relationships holding you back), remove distractions, set (and beat!) reachable goals, structure work days around success and growth, excel during challenging periods, and branch out their sources of revue. At its core, Big Money Energy is an inspirational, prescriptive manual intended for anyone who is ambitious enough to dream big and committed to doing whatever it takes to get there. In other words, if you're ready to earn a better income, stand out in job interviews, shine at social events, shoot straight to the top at work, or even crush first dates with a cool BME--infused confidence-then, this is just the book for you.

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