Emerging Mind

By: Karen Nesbitt Shanor

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Emerging Mind

By: Karen Nesbitt Shanor

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Publication Date - Mar 2001

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ISBN: 9781580631846

Is you big toe capable of thinking? Who's driving your car while you're busy daydreaming? What goes on in your mind while you sleep? Can our thoughts really influence others, or create physical objects? Karen Shanor'sThe Emerging Mind answers these questions and more. Drawing on the contributions of Deepak Chopra, Karl Pribram, and others who participated in her acclaimed Smithsonian Institution lecture series, Dr. Shanor delves into such fascinating areas as hypnosis, the development of the "self", multiple personalities, and our many states of consciousness during sex, sports, or while watching television. Dr. Shanor can help us with some of the problems we face every day, including: --improving self-esteem --alleviating depression --creating the relationships we truly desire and deserve --overcoming addictions to alcohol, drugs, or both --living a complete and fulfilling life The mind and body are linked in so many strange and powerful ways that a true understanding of one's own mind is difficult at best.The Emerging Mindoffers the first step toward that understanding.

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