I Left My Back Door Open

By: April Sinclair


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I Left My Back Door Open

By: April Sinclair

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ISBN: 9780786862290

For smooth, sharp-witted, and confident Chicago D.J. Daphne "Dee Dee" Dupree, keeping her secrets and her eating problems under control is a constant battle. There's no real love in her life at present, and 40 has just come and gone. And girlfriends can't keep a heterosexual sista's body warm in the wintertime -- besides which, most of Dee Dee's friends need her strength and support themselves. But despite all the personal turmoil surrounding her, Daphne Dupree is keeping her back door open, just in case someone romantic happens to drop by. And it's just wide enough to let sexy and sensitive Skylar walk right in with all of his own cumbersome baggage.

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