The Second Opinion

By: Michael Palmer


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Format - Paperback

Condition - Good

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ISBN: 9780312937768

Struck down by a hit-and-run driver, one of the world's most respected doctors lies comatose in the ICU unit of Boston's Beaumont Clinic. No one thinks he will survive. Two of his children believe treatment should be stopped. But his daughter Thea refuses to give up hope—and begins to suspect a cover-up. As a brilliant physician who left the hospital to work with the poor, Thea knows all too well the hidden agendas and personal conflicts that lurk beneath the surface of an elite medical center. When a late-night hospital intruder is identified as a professional killer, Thea is convinced her father's accident was no accident—and someone plans to finish the job... Who would want to kill a man who saves lives—and why? The answers, Thea fears, are locked deep inside the mind of the only living witness—her father—a man who cannot move or speak. Until the flutter of a single eyelid provides him the means to communicate...and offers Thea a terrifying glimpse into an unfathomable conspiracy.

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