The First Assistant

By: Clare Naylor; Mimi Hare

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The First Assistant

By: Clare Naylor; Mimi Hare

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Publication Date - Jun 2006

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ISBN: 9780670034970

The further fortunes of everyone's favorite assistant as she struggles to keep her footing on Hollywood's slippery slope In The Second Assistant, readers fell in love with smart, witty East Coast girl Elizabeth Miller. Now that Lizzie has been promoted, can she still keep her pumps firmly on the ground in the city of stars? With a viperish subordinate after her job, the world's hottest teen starlet to keep out of trouble and a boyfriend on location with a beautiful actress, she certainly has her hands full. The satire is sharper than ever as Naylor and Hare take another wry and hilarious look at the wheeling, dealing, schmoozing, and snubbing that make Hollywood the cutthroat capital of the world. The First Assistant is a lesson in how to survive in a town where tonight's Oscar frock is tomorrow's laughing stock.

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