The Tragedy of Macbeth

By: William Shakespeare; Oscar Zarate (Illustrator)


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The Tragedy of Macbeth

By: William Shakespeare; Paul Werstine (Editor); Barbara A. Mowat (Editor)

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Publication Date - Jan 1982

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ISBN: 0894802054

Hundreds of bold-color illustrations keep pace with Shakespeare's dialogue in The Illustrated Macbeth, an unexpurgated but easy-to-understand, panel-by-panel look at the classic tragedy of ambition and death. Like the Elizabethan groundlings who stood just inches from the stage at the old globe theatre, readers observe characters and scenes close at hand, immediately making vital, visual connections between actors and actions. For this new popular format, no one word of text has been edited from the Folio Edition. The European artist Von has worked almost two years painting figures of heroic stance to depict the bloodchilling encounters and haunting soliloquies: Macbeth's prophetic meeting with the Three Sisters, the dark night of Duncan's murder, Lady Macbeth's guilty madness, the moments before the fatal duel with Macduff.

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