The Fisherman's Tomb

By: John O'Neill


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The Fisherman's Tomb

By: John O'Neill

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ISBN: 9781681921402

In 1939, a team of workers beneath the Vatican unearthed an early Christian grave. This surprising discovery launched a secret quest that would last decades - a quest to discover the long-lost burial place of the apostle Peter. From earliest times, Christian tradition held that Peter - a lowly fisherman from Galilee, whom Christ made leader of his Church - was executed in Rome by Emperor Nero and buried on Vatican Hill. But his tomb had been lost to history. Now, funded anonymously by a wealthy American, a small army of workers embarked on the dig of a lifetime. The incredible, sometimes shocking, story of the seventy-five-year search and its key players has never been fully told - until now. The quest would pit one of the twentieth century's most talented archaeologists - a woman - against top Vatican insiders. The Fishermans Tomb is a story of the triumph of faith and genius against all odds. Book jacket.

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