Classic Tales of Mystery

By: Editors of Canterbury Classics; Ken Mondschein (Introduction by)

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Classic Tales of Mystery

By: Editors of Canterbury Classics; Ken Mondschein (Introduction by)

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Eleven classic whodunits starring master sleuths such as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Father Brown.  A superstar lineup of detectives--including Sherlock Holmes, C. Auguste Dupin, and Hercule Poirot--headlines this elegant leather-bound edition of classic mystery stories. Short stories such as Edgar Allan Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" and G. K. Chesterton's "The Blue Cross" are ideal for a cozy evening by the fire, while novels like Agatha Christie's The Murder on the Links and Jules Verne's An Antarctic Mystery will keep you engrossed for days. The eleven works in this volume are preceded by a scholarly introduction that explores the origins of the genre, as well as the development of the modern mystery story and the contributions made by each author.  Works Included Short stories: "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," Edgar Allan Poe "The Adventure of the Creeping Man," Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "The Blue Cross," G. K. Chesterton "The Coin of Dionysius," Ernest Bramah "The Anthropologist at Large," R. Austin Freeman "The Most Dangerous Game," Richard Connell Novels: The Murder on the Links, Agatha Christie Whose Body?, Dorothy Sayers The Thirty-nine Steps, John Buchan An Antarctic Mystery, Jules Verne Room 13, Edgar Wallace

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