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By: Sarah Wynne; Katie Clark

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River Royals

By: Sarah Wynne; Katie Clark

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Publication Date - Apr 2014

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ISBN: 9781939055712

Splash into River Royals: Master the Mississippi with Eliza Jane and Henry as they take a wild ride down the Mississippi River in hopes of being crowned King and Queen of the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Filled with local culture, geography and history of the Mississippi River Basin, this imaginative journey takes children through ten states where they meet colorful new friends who also want crowns. The travelers soon discover that in these great states, you don't need a crown to shine. The strength of the United States lies in the hearts and dreams of its people. Citizens from Lake Itasca to shining sea work together to make America shine. With the charm of Eloise and the audacity of Huckleberry Finn, River Royals: Master the Mississippi enchants and educates children ages five to eight as it introduces the vibrant communities along America's largest river system. Join this happy caravan as they explore the Mighty Mississippi and discover the wonders of America at every bend in the river.

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