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By: Caleb Roehrig


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The Fell of Dark

By: Caleb Roehrig

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Format - Hardcover

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Est. Publication Date - Jul 2020

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ISBN: 9781250155849

What's a boy to do—in Caleb Roehrig's YA paranormal romance The Fell of Dark—when his crush is a hot vampire with a mystery to solve? The only thing August Pfeiffer hates more than algebra is living in a vampire town. Located at a nexus of mystical energy fields, Fulton Heights is practically an electromagnet for supernatural drama. And when a mysterious (and annoyingly hot) vampire boy arrives with a cryptic warning, Auggie suddenly finds himself at the center of it. An ancient and terrible power is returning to the earthly realm, and somehow Auggie seems to be the only one who can stop it.

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