In a New York Minute

By: Kate Spencer


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In a New York Minute

By: Kate Spencer

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ISBN: 9781538737620

After being laid off from her job, Franny Doyle's day gets worse. On the way home, the subway doors rips her favourite silk dress. On the plus side, a dashing stranger came to her rescue. Suddenly, Franny and her knight-in-couture, Hayes Montgomery III, are the newest social media sensation. Only Franny and Hayes couldn't be a more disastrous match. In a city of eight million people, they somehow keep running into each other. But when Franny's whole world is turned upside down (again!), can she find the courage to trust in herself and finally have the life - and love - she's always wanted? Author of memoir "The Dead Moms Club." Print run 50,000.

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