Awol in North Africa

By: Steve Watkins


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Awol in North Africa

By: Steve Watkins

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ISBN: 9780545837064

Anderson and his friends Greg and Julie have been doing everything they can to avoid the battered trunk full of old military things in his family's junk shop basement. Only, staying away seems impossible, and this time Anderson discovers a dusty World War II medic's bag inside the trunk. But who does it belong to? Because if the friends have learned anything, it's that they are about to be face-to-face with a ghost. When an army medic ghost appears, Anderson's not sure how to help him. Or if he should help him. The ghost claims he was stationed in North Africa during World War II. But as far as Anderson knows, World War II was fought in Europe. So what's the real story behind this ghost? Can Anderson, Greg, and Julie solve the mystery, or have they become part of a dangerous haunting?

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