The Atlas of Life on Earth

By: Windmill Windmill Books (Produced by)

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The Atlas of Life on Earth

By: Windmill Windmill Books (Produced by)

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ISBN: 9780785831150

The Atlas of Life on Earth offers a comprehensive, chronological survey of the Earth, its landscape and its life forms, from the beginning of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago to the present.The atlas is accessibly organized in six major parts, with 18 chapters devoted to each of the major geological periods, in which the crucial geological and biological developments in the history of our planet are described in lucid and intriguing detail. A concluding section looks at the ways in which the Earth and its biosphere continue to evolve today. Each chapter begins with a timeline of the geological period in question and a vivid and arresting map presenting a 'snapshot from space' of the world as it was then. These maps, together with detailed artworks (including lavish reconstructions of prehistoric landscapes), stunning photographs, and explanatory diagrams, take the reader on a fascinating, informative, and awe-inspiring journey through time. Specially devised feature spreads illustrating graphically and elegantly the evolution and relationships of each major group of plants and animals provide the reader with an incomparable reference source. Each section of the atlas has been written by an acknowledged expert in the relevant field, ensuring clear, informed coverage of the exciting and extraordinary story of the evolution of our planet. Part 1: In the Beginning Part 2: The Early Paleozoic Part 3: The Late Paleozoic Part 4: The Mesozoic Part 5: The Tertiary Part 6: The Quaternary

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