Better Birding SIGNED

By: George L. Armistead; Brian L. Sullivan


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Better Birding

By: George L. Armistead; Brian L. Sullivan

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Est. Publication Date - Feb 2016

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ISBN: 9780691129662

How to go from a beginner to an expert birder Better Birding reveals the techniques expert birders use to identify a wide array of bird species in the field--quickly and easily. Featuring hundreds of stunning photos and composite plates throughout, this book simplifies identification by organizing the birds you see into groupings and offering strategies specifically tailored to each group. Skill building focuses not just on traditional elements such as plumage, but also on creating a context around each bird, including habitat, behavior, and taxonomy--parts so integral to every bird's identity but often glossed over by typical field guides. Critical background information is provided for each group, enabling you to approach bird identification with a wide-angle view, using your eyes, brain, and binoculars more strategically, resulting in a more organized approach to learning birds. Better Birding puts the thrill of expert bird identification within your reach. * Reveals the techniques used by expert birders for quick and easy identification * Simplifies identification with strategies tailored to different groupings of birds * Features hundreds of photos and composite plates that illustrate the different techniques * Fosters a wide-angle approach to field birding * Provides a foundation for building stronger birding skills

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