Breaking Generational Curses under the Order of Melchizedek

By: Francis Myles


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ISBN: 9780615865300

IN THIS "TRANSFORMATIVE" BOOK, Dr. Francis Myles wants to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the most powerful "Spiritual technologies" for "Breaking Generational Curses and Healing all types of Genetic Anomalies" that God instituted to service the spiritual needs of "Kingdom citizens" who operate under the "Order of Melchizedek." In this explosive teaching Dr. Francis Myles will show you:How an ancient order called the Order of Melchizedek can heal all our genetic anomalies through the finished work of ChristHow Generational Curses workThe Law that governs Generational Curses and Generational BlessingsHow demonically engineered genetic mutation happensHow to overthrow Generational Curses permanentlyHow to recapture man's long-lost prophetic DNA that God gave to Adam and Eve before the fallThe Nephilim AgendaHow God is restoring the ancient pathways to heal GenerationsThe Power of the Sound Frequency that is Generated by the Blood of Yeshua.Plus much more!!!

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