Little Red

By: Sarah Ferguson; Sam Williams (Illustrator)


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Little Red

By: Sarah Ferguson; Sam Williams (Illustrator)

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Format - Hardcover

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ISBN: 9780689843402

It's a perfect day for a picnic!Little Red and her friends have packed the most delicious lunch and are off to have a buzz of a day.But just as they settle down in Bluebell Wood to snack on sherbert sandwiches, dandelion tea, and chocolate cake, they hear a very strange sound. SPLAT SHWOOSHTHWACK THUMP SQUAKSPLOSH What could possibly be making all that racket?Little Red is off to investigate, and what she finds will delight readers of all ages!Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, has created a magical world and a charming group of friends in Gino, Roany, Little Blue -- and the irresistible Little Red.

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