Peces Increíbles

By: John Townsend


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Peces Increíbles

By: John Townsend

Format - Hardcover

Condition - New

Listed - 5 months ago

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ISBN: 9781410930620

This title explores different types of fish in the world around us. The series is divided according to animal classifications in order to establish a firm scientific basis for each title. This differentiates the series from other 'animal attack/weird animal' series and covers aspects of the curriculum in a more comprehensive way. Each title focuses on weird and wonderful examples of creatures that are not the norm after an introduction describing the animal's normal characteristics. The titles also include predatory behavior. A variety of text types such as newspaper reports are used to represent real life stories about the creatures covered. A conservation angle is also included to demonstrate how animals are in danger from humans and our activities and to stress what needs to be done to protect them and their environments.

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