Killing for Sport

By: Pat Brown


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Killing for Sport

By: Pat Brown

Format - Hardcover

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Publication Date - Jun 2004

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ISBN: 9781893224933

A renegade criminal profiler and a forensic psychologist--the only female profiling team in the nation--have teamed up to write the most useful guide to serial killers ever created. While other serial killer books tend to conceal the clear facts behind complex technical language and psychobabble, this one actually tells it like it is. Killing for Sport will intrigue you with its honest portrayal of the predator-next-door: how he hunts for his victims, why he likes to torture them, where he tends to stash their bodies, and more. Movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Seven, American Psycho, and many others have created myths about serial killers that need to be dispelled: If you think that most serial killers are eccentric, white, male intellectuals like Hannibal Lecter, then you had better read Killing for Sport to learn the truth. The more our society is informed about these predators and what really goes on in their minds, the more equipped we will be to protect ourselves from them. With the same dark wit that gets people who work with the criminally insane through their workday, Sinclair and Brown speak frankly about the monsters among us who kill for sport. Pat Brown and Timandra Sinclair have become our national authorities on child abduction, murder, and serial killing. Clearly recognized as an unstoppable team, they have made countless appearances on Fox News and CNN to offer a professional analysis of some of the biggest and most troubling cases ever to hit the front page. These cases include: the hunt for John Muhammad and John Malvo; the disappearances of Chandra Levy, Samantha Runnion, Jennifer Short, and Elizabeth Smart; the crimes of Roy Raitliff, Michael Skakel, and WardWeaver; and the profiles of the Baton Rouge Serial Killer. There is no team more qualified

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