Ketogenic Diet

By: Steve Blum


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Ketogenic Diet

By: Steve Blum

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ISBN: 9781542477673

THEY LAUGHED WHEN I TOLD THEM I EAT THAT MUCH FAT WITH NO EXERCISE - NOW THEY ASK ME HOW I LOOK THAT GREAT How much energy can you possibly enjoy in your day to day life? How focused can your brain get? Most importantly - How will you look next summer?If you have ever asked yourself those questions, you are not alone. Millions of people, all over the world, now enjoy the benefits of this secret diet that your government don't want you to know - The Ketogenic Diet.For dozens of years, they say we should cut calories, eat whole-wheat bread to enjoy a satisfying feeling of fullness, and eat as less fat as we can (Oh, especially saturated fat! That's why we suffer from heart diseases!). And so we did. We followed the advice of "experts" and followed the government health recommendations. So how come most of us have an extra layer of fat? How come 70% of the population suffer from heart diseases? The answer is simple - You can take those health recommendations and throw them in the trash, where they belong.The Ketogenic Diet is the naked truth of what you should really eat. It's the naked truth the world slowly reveals. More and more doctors support the Ketogenic Diet, even though it's contrary to the official offices recommendations. It's the first step you must make towards better health. IN THIS BOOK YOU'LL LEARN: * What is Ketogenic Diet * How your body functions on low-carb diet * How your body actually burns fat * What makes the fat-burning process slower * What your body actually wants you to eat * What your brain wants you to eat * What your skin wants you to eatHow to cook carb-free and get full * How to finally achieve your health goals * +Ketogenic-friendly delicious recipes! This time it will happen - You will get to the final phase and win your six pack, enjoy an energy-full lifestyle and reap the benefits of healthier, good looking skin, confidence, and happiness. SCROLL UP, CLICK THE BUY BUTTON, AND START YOUR KETOGENIC JOURNEY!

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